An Idea Unfinished


In the Mexican mountain town of Mascota, our local friends brought us to the site of an unfinished Roman Catholic temple, Templo de la Preciosa Sangre.  It is unknown exactly why the temple was never finished, though the simple fact of running out of funds seems to be the consensus. Even in its unfinished state, and maybe for that reason, the temple site has a mesmerizing appeal. Mascota was named a Pueblos Magicos in 2015, a national designation that includes 120 municipalities throughout the country. We only had time to explore the temple, and a stop for some seriously tasty chicarrones at the Jaunacatlan reservoir just outside of town. Though only in Mascota for a short time, its rural, valley tucked locale, surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains was eye catching, and planted an eager seed for a possible return someday.

The TempleThe Temple Yard

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