Chelsea Market – New York City

A year ago, I was in Manhattan to see the Book of Mormon. I’ve now seen the Broadway show twice, and I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic the show is. It was a joy to see it at its home theatre on Broadway, the Eugene O’Neill Theatre.While in NYC we mostly walked and walked some … More Chelsea Market – New York City

An Idea Unfinished

  In the Mexican mountain town of Mascota, our local friends brought us to the site of an unfinished Roman Catholic temple, Templo de la Preciosa Sangre.  It is unknown exactly why the temple was never finished, though the simple fact of running out of funds seems to be the consensus. Even in its unfinished … More An Idea Unfinished

Long May You Run

I came across this well seasoned motorcycle while wandering the side streets of Puerto Vallarta. The tires had air and the seat had a somewhat fresh tape job.  I suspect it still prowled the bruising cobblestone streets, and corrosive Pacific coast air of one of my favorite Mexican cities.