A Rainy Walk On The D.C. Mall

A very rainy day in Washington D.C., U.S.A.,  did not completely dampen my spirit to capture a few images as I walked from reception to reception while in the city on business. I explored some of the art filters in my Olympus OM-D-E1 to help bring a little life out of the very flat light.
The pine trees at the Washington monument really caught my eye, and I took effort to include them. The Ulysses S. Grant memorial really blew my mind. The bronze statute of Grant is the fourth largest equestrian statue in the world. It marks a terrible, and great history of my country, and I made sure to take extra time to reflect.
The third image is at the National Air and Space Museum. I did not have time to wander in, though I was fortunate to as a child, and I look forward to re-discovering this museum as an adult on my next trip to D.C.

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