Sunday Drive To Fisher Creek Saddle ~ Idaho, U.S.A.

Winter’s grip is close in the Salmon River Mountains of Idaho, U.S.A. As I publish this post, the snow is falling outside. Two weekends ago, I took a couple hour drive from my house in McCall, Idaho, into the high country, to enjoy my last trip before my only access will be from snowmobile. The drive I chose is one of my favorites. It is 95% Forest Service roads (gravel), the 5% being the pavement from my house out of town. There are two ways to get there, and the longer, and less travelled is the road through Bear Basin, to Hartley Meadows, and then to Sater Meadows. Slab Butte, as seen from the pictures from Sater Meadows, is one of my favorite peaks, and one that I have been to the top of multiple times, Summer and Winter. Enjoy the eye candy. It is all public land, in the Payette National Forest, and it is so close to town!

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