Smoky Mountain Tops

Looking back a couple weeks from the Lick creek subrange, of the Salmon River Mountains, just outside of McCall,Idaho. The smoke was thick for a few weeks this summer, and though it limits adventure, I still made it out into the backcountry.

Eye Of The Lake

The crystal clear, calm waters on Payette lake with the subtlest hints of shades of green on the shore line, caught my eye on a recent hike. The last remnants of ice barely holding on. Then I saw an eye in the lake looking at me! (=

Planters Box in Spring

As the last bits of snow (at 5000 ft, plenty up high still) melt up here in the West Central mountains of Idaho, U.S.A., some of the first Earthlings to emerge happy, and eager are the succulents, spiders, and ground cover creeping plants.

Sunday Drive To Fisher Creek Saddle ~ Idaho, U.S.A.

Winter’s grip is close in the Salmon River Mountains of Idaho, U.S.A. As I publish this post, the snow is falling outside. Two weekends ago, I took a couple hour drive from my house in McCall, Idaho, into the high country, to enjoy my last trip before my only access will be from snowmobile. The … More Sunday Drive To Fisher Creek Saddle ~ Idaho, U.S.A.