Mexican Sunsets: Puerto Vallarta

I hopped on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 – 800 with some family, over the 2016 New Year break, and enjoyed a fine journey 3000 miles South of the deep snows of Central Idaho. Not surprisingly, I was welcomed by the warm waters of the Pacific ocean, comfortable day and evening air temperatures, amazing people, and stunning sunsets of Puerto Vallarta. I have selected my favorite sunsets, for some solar eye candy to enjoy.
Stay tuned for a succession of posts in the coming weeks, sharing some more of the adventure, including a day at Puerto Vallarata’s celebrated, Melissa’s Seafood restaurant, where I drove around with owner and operators, the Hernandez family, picking up fresh goods at the fish, and vegetable markets, and prepping for the nights rush of customers with the staff. I have some animal, flower, and street shots that will compliment the tales of some other adventures as well.

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