Meet At Melissa’s

Over the change in the new year, I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Puerto Vallarta, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. A vibrant,fast paced, destination city, situated on the sub-tropical pacific coast of Mexico. On my first full day in town, I met up with my dear friends at Melissa’s seafood restaurant, the Hernandez family. The first few hours included joining Jorge, and sons Jorge Jr., Diego, and my father in-law Ed, on an excursion to the fish and vegetable markets, for the next few days of supplies for the restaurant. It was just the way I wanted to start my time in P.V., fully immersed in the local scene, with my local friends! I ended the day hanging out at the restaurant, as the Hernandez’s, and staff, finished preparations for another busy day and night at the business. I could not contain my enthusiasm, and a large smile graced my face the entire day. Jorge and Leo Hernandez have been to my restaurant, and home, on a recent trip to the U.S.A, and it was a pleasure showing them our operations, and our little chalet, where they treated us to wonderful carne asada lunch. Diego lived with my Sister, and brother in-law for 6 months, on a visa to the U.S.A., and joined his Mom and Dad, on a portion of their trip, including to our town. It was on this recent trip to P.V., that I had the chance to get to know Jorge Jr., as he was busy at the University of Guadalajara, working on his business degree. His kindness, humor, and intelligence, to no surprise, matched his families.  I hope you enjoy these photographs of this inspiring day. If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, do yourself the favor, and enjoy what Melissa’s has to offer.

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