The Gorgeous Trickster – Plumeria

Flowers have evolved to stand-out. Plumeria stand above the crowd. On one of the many staired pathways winding through the neighborhoods of El Cerro in Puerto Vallarta, this pink plumeria rose up and grabbed my eyes. The petals offer striking definition, the lone pointing leaf strong and straight and the plaster brick background satisfyingly anchors the image.

Plumeria are endemic to Mexico and have been revered for centuries by the Mayan peoples as symbols of the deities representing life, fertility. and female sexuality.
Aztecs planted these flowering shrubs and small trees in the courtyards of nobles and elites.

Tricksters by nature, plumeria attract pollinators with their fragrant scent and vibrant colors but produce no nectar. Evolutionary efficiency on display? Why have the pollinators carried on despite the lack of reward?

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