The Gorgeous Trickster – Plumeria

Flowers have evolved to stand-out. Plumeria stand above the crowd. On one of the many staired pathways winding through the neighborhoods of El Cerro in Puerto Vallarta, this pink plumeria rose up and grabbed my eyes. The petals offer striking definition, the lone pointing leaf strong and straight and the plaster brick background satisfyingly anchors … More The Gorgeous Trickster – Plumeria

Fairy Slipper Orchid

On a recent meander out the front door, my wife, to her delight (mine too), discovered the uncommon Fairy Slipper Orchid. In central Idaho they are tiny, delicate, and a real treat. We found over 10 in one area, and a couple Morel mushrooms in the same magical little spot.

Take A Hike With Me: Into Idaho’s Gospel Hump Wilderness – Shepp Ranch And Back –

     A year or so ago I began planning an out and back hike to visit my good pals who just took over as the new caretakers/head guides, of one of the iconic Salmon River wilderness ranches, Shepp Ranch Outfitters. The private ranch is located at the confluence of the Salmon river, and Crooked creek, … More Take A Hike With Me: Into Idaho’s Gospel Hump Wilderness – Shepp Ranch And Back –

A Delicate Display

This delicate Crocosmia Iris, pre-bloom (thanks ┬áto my buddy Sydney for identifying this plant), caught my eye this summer as I wandered through one of my favorite local spots, Charlies Gardens. The curved angles of the stems, and the almost grain like look of the nearly blooming flowers, and dark red color, wrapped in a … More A Delicate Display

Thistle and the Bee

Came a upon this thistle plant, and these aging bumble bees a few weeks back at a favorite local spot, Charlies Gardens. Some of the bee’s were barely moving, some were still, likely no longer alive. The blue and purple spiny show of the thistle caught my eye, but the bees image remained in my … More Thistle and the Bee