5 Days 7 Summits

Photo journey of a backcountry adventure in our backyard here in Central Idaho last Fall. Road based, this far away route takes you over 7 summit crossings. First block of shots showcase Pilot Peak, with views into the South Fork Salmon river breaks and the Lick Creek sub-range of the Salmon River Mountains in the background looking West.

Brett gazes into the Elk Summit area from Pilot Peak.

Views into the Frank Church Wilderness East and North East from Elk Summit – Wolf Fang Peaks and Artillery Dome.

Views from Pueblo Summit into Beaver Creek looking deep into the North Western edge of the Frank Church Wilderness – Pueblo Summits ridgeline is scattered with large, ancient white pine snags and some very old still alive today. To grow to that size above 8000 feet in a harsh climate zone is what sets white pines apart from many species of trees.

Cloud draped rocks on our way through Profile Gap

One thought on “5 Days 7 Summits

  1. Absolutely beautiful time of the year to adventure into the backcountry.
    The views from the summits ,meadows valleys and river gorges are breathtaking from so many vantage points.
    Eternally grateful to my Radical Earth brother for the experience.

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