A Safe Place For Beer

Beer needs protection. Oxygen wants in, and brewers like me are on a constant quest to not allow that. Oxidation in beer creates papery, or wet cardboard like flavors. Profiles that we do not intend in our beer. Brite tanks, kegs, bottles, cans, are all containers we use to protect our beer, once the yeast has transformed our brewers wort (sweet barley “tea”), into beer.
We utilize processes that allow us to evacuate nearly all of the oxygen inside the brite tanks, kegs etc., replacing it with carbon dioxide.
In this picture, you see a couple of our stainless brite tanks, and some kegs of various sizes. The tanks pictured are known as “Grundy’s”, after the manufacturer’s name. These specific tanks, are wonderful little marvels, primarily because they are in excellent condition, and have man-way doors that can be removed easily, without bolt closure systems that, most “Grundy” tanks are known for.
These began their life at Bass Brewers in England in the 1980’s. Over the years they made their way across the Atlantic ocean, and eventually landed at my operation, Salmon River Brewery.

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