Fawning for the summit

Taking in the view of the summit of South Loon at sunset, on a recent back-packing excursion. We are situated on the South saddle above Hum lake, our first major ridge crossing on our 8 mile hike in. After a quick bite, and some water, and just a nip of whiskey, we headed down the trail 1,500 feet to the Hum lake basin. With the twilight decent behind us, we filtered enough water to get us to the next spring the following day, and to the saddle above us 1000 feet for our first nights camp. Twilight shifted to night, but a rising full moon gave us enough light to ascend the trail to our camp at the next saddle, with only moonlight. With the headlamps turned off, we were rewarded with a fabulously lit up night scene, for our hike in the Salmon River Mountains of Idaho.

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